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The Chriflian.rIournall. other things, better thingsare nowexpeetedof mee; eues that hencefoorth, 1 fbouldline, not altertbebßtof men, bat after the will of God. It is Vsde an excellent 3. place. I could bring in a cloudof witneffes tomake good this point, that olde finnes muff beflript off, when weonce taut our fonte to the threfaold of this frairgate. This 1 maybe bold tofay,for I know it is true; that there is no mans or womans conuerfion recorded in the Scripture, but there is amanifefl change noted in them: Infirmities they had fill, but lisse reigned not in them, as it did before. And there is great reafon for it : For if aman entringinto the pro. f fsion ofChrifçiaoity,might fill haue libertie to follow the waies of his owne heart, and topleafe hirnfelfe,in fulfillingofhis ownelulls; what great thing were it robe religious? If he that hadbeen ignorant, mightbe ignorant íi11, he that had beenefilthy,might be filthy fill, he that had beenan oppreffor, might op- preffe fill, andfo inother Cpecialities : all the world then would be religious; whatgreat thing then frould Chrif be thoughtto workein vs, and for vs, ifour oldecorruptions Ihould reifst, andwe fhould not be freed from thedominion of firms ? This point will difcouervntomany of vs, the follyand vanitie of our hearts; ÿf; wewill needsbe thoughtto be in the right way , and to haue chofen the true castlevntoeternall happineffe, but yet in the mease time we will not forfake. our oldfafhioos, fomewhat orother is behinde, whicheither for the profite, or pleafure, orefimations fake, we will not bebeaten from : Come fweete finne or other; that if itwere pofsible we would euencarry with vsinto heaves , and Co by that meanes we doe vtterly barrevpagain( our flues, our entranceinto life. Ipray you let vs not be deceived. Let mee propound into youthe fame quefi- on whichTaal propounded unto KingAgrippa ? ; Tell me, Doe you beiseite the aAft. ab,57. Scripture ? thinksyou that it is true whichChrrfi faith , that thegate to heaven isaftraitgate? Ifyoudoe, thinke with your Celues, whatother reafon canbe deuir d , why it faould fo be termed, then this; becaufe it required: the Drip- ping offof olde corruptions? Ifyou agree this robe the meaning, how frallwe then hope tobe Caned, and yet willingly , purpofely and aduifedly retains and hold raft ourold finncs, as though we would at once fern both Cod and Mam- mon ; walke both in the Lordsway ,and in our owne way? There thingscannot holde,vnlelfe werhinke tomake Goda lyer. Striving to enter inat the fraite gate , and anot ftriuing againff our owns felfe- pleafing humours, thefethings cannot agree. This is the vie. B THE