Hieron - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.H54 S4 1624

.The Chrians Iournall. nrongf vs that Both thuscall his life and carriage to an account, that inan cue. ning, when hee is about to take his ref, and knoweth not whether hee frail e- uer wake againe,or no,askeshimfelfe this queftion, Who halet done? How have I walked thisday ? how haue I wandred from the pathof Gods commande- ments? what duties haueI failed in ? how farre haste thevanities and profires of theworld preuailedagainfmeto oriflead tee ? Who (I fay) is wont tokeepe this priuy audite withinhimfelfe ? nay, who thinketh this tobe a dutiethat hee is tyed Into ? And therefore no maruell iffinne growProng vpon vs, no won- derifwee fray farre from the rightcourfe; and ifweeTooke not to it, wee will foonebe drawneintofuch a maze, that wee titan not know which way to re- turne. Let vstake withvs then this infru&ionamong others, often to try our wayes, once a day at the leafto confider ourcourfes: wedoe all erre, da plam.34; many things (faithSaint lames)we merge all e; but by this niceties, errour frail not preuaile againft vs, and byvfe wee /hall grow fo perfe& inour wayes, that wee (hall very feldome be mifaken. Ce 3f) THE