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The Chr/ians Idurnall The third Sermon. Per itie theWidegate andbreadway, that leadethtodeflru tion, and many there be whichgee inthereat. Ehave donewith the aduertifement itfcI(, and are now Thefecona come to the reafonsby which it isenforced.The firih rea. parcoí the Con runneth thus ; becaufealbeit thegate and way which Ten, the moil affect,bewide andbroadfull ofpleafing,and full ofcompany, yet in the end it leadeth to deflrotlion..By the gate and way mentioned in this firft reafon, is meant the fame whichelfe-where is called theway ofirmer' q; away q Pfal.r.ni that is notgood,: theway offalfhaodf: aneui1way't itis the rP6136,4, gateandyway which bynature wee all trauell in, therefore itisteroted ourmite fPoo'rX9'4 °' cProx.,z. way ° : the Way f our ownheart :: becaufe it isa way which of ourfelues without .16.53.6, a guidewegoe into, and which ofour felues wee are nevereitherableor willing WUer Éorc.;c tofor Cake. It israid to bea wide and breadway; becaufe it is away òfliberty to 6 benda the fle(h, andglues a manfeaueto run any courfe, which his owneprivatecor-, ayw¡dcaod rapt humour affeeteth: it is a way which impofeth no conditions ofreltrainr, broad. but whatloeuera man(led by thelofts ofhisown heart)bends vnto,it allures him to it,and feeroesto fay as the flatteringchaplainsdid toAhab,touching theex- peditioq againit Ranier?), Goeandproper Y. Now this waynotwithstanding the y t K;ng.zs: pleafrngneffc of it,ourSaviour faith, It leads todefiraïion, the iffats of itare the waitsof deathz; it brings nofatall inconuenience, or flightannoyance, fuch as zPro.r4,rz: lolfn ofgoods, ofblemi(h ingoodname, or ficknes ofbody, but the furpafsing exceedingeteruall curl of Gds, the utter ruinebothof foule and body,anend- lefí ,eafeleffe, hopelelre miCery. This then is, Chriltsreafoning, that in as much as there be but two wayes,afirait,and a mide; and thewide leadeth a manto fuck an irrecouerable downefall,therefore we would bewareof it, andenter inat the flairgate. This is the meaningbriefly: Let vsnow feewhat ueceffary matter of inftru&ion we may obferue. Flit,here we learneAatalbeit the wayof finnebe,forthe prefenttime in the Dotf.t: Cale &teeming offiefhand blood very delightful!, yettherewardthereof is mi- fery,& the enddeltru&ion. This is the expreffedoftrine of theeext,and itis al- lysa:tiledby the Scripture. Fir(tingenerallitfaid ofallfin,thatthewagesdeer- ofis death';and,obat the endof the wickedfleallbecut offb. Secondly, in particular aRom.6,zt: ofreuerall fins,the wordof God fpeaksvery expreflyto thispurpol.Ofadulrety bPfa1.37,38, Salowan faìth(defcribingthe falhion ofalrarlot)that indeed her chamber is rich- ly deckr,her bed perfumed,&her words very inticing;bnt(faithhe)herherfeiethe mayto thegraae,whicbgoeeh dowse to the' chambers ofdeath ',andhergúeffs are inthe cPro,7.27. depthofbeg a, Ofdeceit,Thebreadofdeceitr afweettoaman,butafterwardhismonth dPro.g.rs, pail bepledwithgratedd.Of drunkennes, The wiseflowes the colourbathe cup,.& `Prazo.t7. gbes downpleafantly,bnt intheend thereof, it wig bite like ferpent, andhurt like a Cockatrice( Ofthevanityofyouth,ReiayeeOyoungmanin thyyouth,walkeinthe fPro.23.3a, VWatee ofthyheart,er inebe,¡igbtofthine eyesOatlçoow.thatfor all thefethiñgsread will bring