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The Chriftians how l11. a&d. r.9: bring thee tóiadgement g. In allthere, here isa broad plcaíantway, gluing liberty and (cope enough tofcthand blood,but the endofall is defru&ion. The fweet meatsofwickednes will haue the fowre faufeof wretchednes&mifery : wemay feethe famealfo verifiedby examples. Elie wasmade beleeueby theDiuell, thee iflhewould aduentureto eat ofthe forbidden tree, ftefrouldreceiueby it great h Gtn.3. 57° aduancement; Tefhallbe rsgods knowinggoad andtail'', (cquiuocating with her,as our Stare- papflsdonow adaies, and beguiled her with doubtfulnefeof termes. Well, lire law the tree wasgood formeat,pleafant to the eye,and tobe defired to 'get knowledge (herewasa way broad &faire enough;)andthe took and gateto her husband, and they bothdidBate : But fee now whither this way leadeth them,Then (faith theText) their eyes*ere opened, and they knew they were rá. ked : the beginning Ceemed to delight, and togive hopeof greatcontentment; but the fruttewas griefe, and the end confufion t the ifhe cleave contrary to that which wasexpelled. No-doubt the murtheringof Abel for the time, gaue very good fatisfa&ion ro the malicious and blood- thirfing humour of Cain;, butbee which looked vponthe reckoning whichfollowed, and confadereth how Gea4 7. Sinne layat the doore ever dogging him, and neuer leaning him till beewas e- Men fwallowed vp intodefpaire, frall fee a pleating courfecarrying him that held it , into a deapth of mifery , our of which hee was neuer able to recoure. Mores (peakingof the times beforethe Floud, faith thus ; Thefelines ofGodfait thedaeeghters ofmen that they werefaire, andthey tookke them wiser ofall that they li. k 6".6'42' kedk: heere was libertyenough (all they liked) but what was the iffue, you know theStory : when they were in the very height oftheir iollity, the fiendcame and I Matzq.9 ana Cooke them all away': here wasa Tourney full of pleafure, but the place ofar- rivall full ofmìferie. Therich man of whomChrif fpeaketh, was clothed inpsrple andfine linen,andfared well anddelicately eatery day : heere wasoutwardcontent. mentto the full,but whereto didthis way lead ? we haueheard what followeth, mLuk.t6.z2, The rich minal/odied, awl was buried,asd W,ea inhell torment, a, I could thusea- 23. illygiue youmany inihances, all of them feruing tofaew vs, how Ciisne dealeth with vs, as loab withAmara, het met himand fisted him louingly (Art thou its health my brother? hee Cookehim by the beardwith the right hand to kiffehim, but withal!, hee fmore him in the fifth ribbe, and (headout his bowels to the n n Sanno, ground ° : Ellen fo finne creepeth into our bofome, it maketh (hew of delight, 9,to itpretendeththepleatingofourmindes,andthefatisfyingourhumour, but yet it killeth(as itwere)With kindues, and fora little Momentanypleafure, it brings eternal! frame and perpetual! confufion. Yfe I. The vfe ofthispoint thanprooued flandeth thus : Thefist thing that ought to bee in him who defireth truely to repent, is, ahearty loathing, and:anvn._ fained detellationof finne. The fountaineofrepentance is the heart,and a man can neuer frame himfelfe to reforme that inhis life, which in his heart heedifli- kethnot : he therefore that would pra&ìfe theduties ofrepentance as he ought, mull endeauour to fede in himfelfe a deepe and an implacable hatred againft Gone. Now (inmy opinion) thereis nothing moreof force to bring a man deanout of conceitwith finne, then the ferions meditation vpon that point which I hauenow deliuered. Who is there among( vs that would not in his heart loath and detell fach a oneas the Prophet leremie fpeaketh of, who tea. oChap,e.8. keth peaceably to hùneighbanrwith hit moseh bat inhis heart layeth Waiteforhim'? that putteth ona Crew of friendfhip, and yet rider a pretence thereof, if hee could, would cut a mans throat; will not euery man fay, Lord keepe me from tucha friend? Andyeteuenfo finne dealeth wirhvs, it promifeth muchcon- tentment, much profit, many benefices, but in the end, in read ofcontent- ment, there is nothing but vexation ; in read ofprofit, the vtter Inffe and ruine ofa mans foule. It isgoodwifedome tohaue thispoint tuer in a readi. neffe