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The Chrifians Iournall z3 Yestg tainly. If it be a good reafan to fay thus;behold this religionis profeffed andreceiuedby the that} , therefore it is true ; then lee vs diCclaime Chrifis inat thefiraite gate and let vs all chufe the wideand pleafant way, formanytherebe thatgoe inthereat. Itis thought probably , that at this day Ma hGnetifme (the Turbes religion) harhmore underit , then Chriflianity , though weput Papids andProteftants, and all in the weights again(} it s and that metre PaganiCme is larger then both. Where many ioyne in the truth, there is the Church, but notfor themanies fake,but for the truths fake. It is a good laying of e4ngaf line,Si inanees,nolintimerare, fedappende, in'7fed. 3g. that is, if thou nosideit dealt uprightlyin thiscafe , take not religion by tale or number , as though that were belt which moll rection , but try itby weight , if it haue the weightof truthgoe with it,bc they many or few that belecue it,it skilleth not, it isright though but one,nay though none did entertaine it. This is the first vfe. If Cirri!' be true in his fayings, that manygoe in at the gate that leadethto def ru- &ion,furethenmultitudeis no marke of theChurch , theymay be the greater parr, and yetgoe the way that brirgeth the goersby it intohell. Tian lecoad vie is, to reforme thecommon folly and errorof the world, who Vfe a thinke cuftome and fafhion, and theguile of the greateftpart to bee a fufficient plea, for any comic which themfelues affe&orandertake, efpecially it holdsin mattersof religion,ifmen can fay asofold, our fathers, our rulers, our ancients, thebe(t, the molt, the wife/}, the weaithielt among!} vs thus they thinke, thus they doe : then they imagine they hauealleadged an argument which cannot be anfwered,a realmswhich cannot be denied. Thus men make themfelues like the frothwhichS.lamesfpeakesof,whichiscarriedvpanddatrne ',withthewind,and h water,fometimes ro this fide,fomtimes tothat:or ratherlike theheals of the field , whothìnke nothing but follow the heard, and fo many times while they fuppofe they are going to the pathire tobe fed, they are driven to theShambles to befiaine.Whom thispeopleand all the menoflfrael chafe, hiewill l be,andwith him will Idwell ,faith Chulato Abfalom:and Co rt iseuen the religion ofmany,we will i r.sam,16. notbe fingular,looke whichway the moltgoe,that waywill we goe.It is right as 1S. the Spirit ofGod fpeakethto the vngodlyman, when thonfeella theefe, than rim- ne(lwith him, *hoodoos feel?an adaleerer, thou are partaker alto with himk. It is k Pfal, 50,19; thepropertyola boleto follow vs/serially, that which he/beth others doc, flee mullneeds alto doe the fame : yet it isan error we areall apt enta, and the realms is; It is a hard matter ris iudge,but it la anealie thing to gist credit. Wdll,let tire wifedome ofGod befollowed , and let hiscounfell be preferred before ourovine conceits. Certaine it is, what(oeuer wee imagine , thattheway tohell hath the greateR (toreof Paffengers; company is good; but itis better togoethe right way all alone, thento wanderwith a multitude. Therefore God gave acharge, then /haltnotfollow amultitude to doe toil! i. What thoughmolt men in their core- I &sod, s ;, a, mar fpeechtake the name ofGod in vaine? what though the greate(t parchase the preaching of the word in no efieeme, make the Sabbath a day o£carnall delight, negle& the pubhike worlhip ofGod, reproach and fpeake cuill ofthe truth? what though allfeeketheir owne, as Paulfaith, or as the Prophet fpeaketh, form the greatefi even to the leaf/, beginen tocouetenfneßi" ? what though theygoe n, Ier,6.t;. by troupes (as 'Cronies words are) into harlots !wafer. l whatthough theabiedlt n Chap,;.y. doe afimble themfelues together o,as theydidagainítDanid, to draw goodthings a Pfal.3 S.. 5. into difgrace? let not this fway with you fofarre, asrodraw you into the fr1- Ion/bip of the fameculls ; remember thebroad way to eternal! ruinbath many thaterauell it, fothat thoughthere beemuch good fellowfhip , and jollityby the way, yet their Way(faith Salomon) is denims,they know not wherein they_Pall faNt. p Prou,+, a9. And who will bee fo in loue with the fellowfhip ofothers, astodamnehim- felf for company ? The counfell of thevngodly is pleating, the wayof linnets is delightful!, the chayrn of fcorners is very cafe : but yet bleffed (faith the C x Pfalmitk)