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. The ClbrOians Xournall. i?falmift) is. tie that bath ifudied how to auoide them : when it commeth to that gPrewr.;i. which Solemnmentions , the eating thefruitof their°woe way v and to thatin the Pfalme,tbetranfgreßrtas they haueerred together , fotheyAd/ bede/fryedtege- r Plat, 37.3a. they. , whatare they thenthe betterfor their companie ? Thusmuch for thefirst teafon à why theflraite gate and narrowwayare to be chofen , becaufe though there be another court more pleafrngto our humours , and better (toted with coenpanie,yet it leadeth vntodeítru&ion. Thefecond reafon followeth which isin dire&oppolkion to the former , to wit, that albeit thegateandway which Chrift would haue vsenter into, be ftrait -and narrow, and (Itchas fewdoe tranai.leby, yetit is the way tolife, and theend thereof is comfort,cumthe euerlaflingcomfortof a mans foule. This is the ge- nerallrr:eaningof thereafon ; Let vs grow to a particular examinationof the points ofiuftru&ionriling out ofit: Detfrine 3;i As thisreafon is in an apparent oppofrtion to the former, fo it affordeth do. &nine in naturedire&lycontrarie to it ; that toldvs offrnne, that beginning in pleafure, itdoch mud in miferie ; this tellethvs ofthe dutiesof holineffeand sigh. teoufneffe; that howfocuer they feemeto laya kindeofre[traint eposmans na- ture,and tocurbe and limitehim in tome courts , and fafhions whichheis prone varo, yet thejlfseofrhern is life,assd the rewardiscomfort. Chriftconfeffeththe gate tobeffraite,& the waynarrow butheaddeth this w ithal,thatiticadeth vntelsfi. For the opening ofthisdo&rive I mull thew esto you two things ; firft that the dutiesofpicric and godlineffe, are at firs fomething vnpleafingto mans nature, (thecrookedneffeand corruption thereof confidered) a fecondly, that whatfo- euer thebeginning is, yet theend is full of fweeteneffe. Touching theformer how true itts, may in part begatheredoutof that which hathbeene laid hereto. fore, touchingthe things concurring with the very a& of entrance : humüitie, and the relinquiflring ofthe pleafaresof finne which we haue formerly delighted in, bothwhicharedirely thwarting and crofsing to mansnature , there beeing nothing that he is ofhimfelfe morevnwilliug todoe , then to confeffe ought a- g;aintt himfelfe,to renounce hisowne will, and tocrucifie and kill the firongaffe. &.ionsof hisowneheart. But thisnullbetter appeareifweenter into confidera- thon ofparticulars ; what duty ofgodlineffefoeuer wethinke vpon,we frail finde thebeginning ofit tobevnfauory. ifa man will labour after fomcknowledge in religion; at the firi it willfee= tobefomewhat [traitandcumberfome; becaufe it willrequire more carein redeeming the time,itwill vrgemorediligence in hew. ring,inpraying,in meditation, morerefpe& to theSabbath then a was was wont beforetomake confcienceof. Here willbe fomcehingto doe,and no fmallwrafi- lingwithamans thoughts , beforehefhall getthemaffery over his ownehearrm ;to retirehimfelfe, and todisert the time formerlyaccullomedtobefpentinva- n itie,to the buildingofhimfelfevp inknowledge.lt feeme toa man that there is no life in thefe courses, nothingbutdeadncs, and melancholines, andnokinde of contentment. Againe, Cuppofe that aman (heretoforeneglegent that way) firsAd nowbegin to haste force touch , and should entertaïne a refolation with himtêlfeof keeping holy theLords day, notaccording tocommon opinion, but according, to the true purpofeand meaningofthe.Law-maker, thinkewee that he fh.uuld nocat hisvery first cattle into this way, meete with many difcourage- ments ? what a burdenwill here bee foraman tofenketo drawall his thçsghts from earehly bufìneffes<(as muchas is pofsible) and to give himfelfewholly to tome either ptivatc or course, bywhich the comfortand edifyingofhis routemay bmhelped forward .+ what amiferie willie feeme,foas it weretohedge in himfelfe; that he may not littleexcursion, and in Rime litrledegrecgluts the raines tohisowneaffeâions?. thisisenoughromake any manfliebacke,ánd (Ioh.6,6o, to cryastheDifciples didin another . cafe,?hisisa hard faying,Wbe wayrodareitc? Time wouldfaiteme ifIaoldthus-procced toexemplifiethisdou eine.I may be bold