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v:ÿ ,%`[+ybgpy; R TO THE R IGHT VVORSHIPPVLL AND TRVLY NOBLE, Se. HENRY YELYERTON KNIGHT, ATTVRNEY GENERAL TO His Maicfie : And to the vertuous and Religious Ladie, the LadieMargaret reluciror his Wife, ReGiaT tl YGRsnrPevLL, 7 bath beene a !audible asidancient enflame among tbofe whichpublifbbooker, todedicate them tofame Perfonages either eminent inplace or gualitie: part- ly tohonour them with thePatronage of thole Arts Wz) qe, V andvernies which theyfinde them tobe loners Or - profeffors of; partly toprocure refpeíl to their la- bours; and /ome time alto in teflimonyofihanke- fïslneffè for receiuedfauous's. Now the cAuthor ofthis prefent volume (wholeworth fiefftciently commends itfelfe) being painefull Labourer in the vineyard ofChrìl , deceafed before allthefeuerall7reati fes were thus knit together into oneentire body , andfo left not onlyfame membersofit vnpatroniz'd, but the wholeframe without ageneral!Su /lainer. l there- forepaying that it:Mouldbe both Fatherleffe andPatronlefe (andbeing fomewhat intereffedtherein by vndergoing fame part of charge in pub- /Ong it) thought myfelfe engaged toprouideforce worthy Patron to vn- dertake the protection thereof e Lind knowing namely/4mIought rather to honour herewi'th,both ire regard of your loues toLaboursof this knde, and theparticular feruices, whichfor diners reffieels Lowe vetoyou both, withyour Noble profitable Family , thone bane bold heretoprefxe you as Patrones to this and Religious Worke ; which i lea a well to accept of, asyou/hall honour theft pious Laboursof thedeecafdAuthor, andmake them morewelcome to others; fo they ]hall memorizeyou for fauorrrersofGods Truth; andfwillforyour re.ffieeltome, ewer acknow- ledgemy félfe atyourferuice, andremain. e..w,//i,.% u cí Your Worlhips in all refpeëtiue fcruicestobe commanded, I. E.