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ATableofthenames ofthe feuerall Sermons and Treatfsfit doyl'ne infuch orderas they follow in the Volume, 1 HE Chriftia s Iournal!. The Minoritie of the Saints. Truthes Purchafe. The Dignitieof the Scripture. TheAbridgement of the Gofpeh The Backe-parts of Iehouah. The Worth of theWater of Life. Dauids longingand Daúids lotie. Thegood Fight. TheDifcouery ofHypocrifie. The i erfee}Paterneof true Conuerfion< The Baptizing of the Eunuch. TheTryall of Adoption. The Plat-formeof Obédience. The Spirituali Son-fhip. TheLife andDeathof Dorcào. The Spiritual) Tillage. The Marriage Bleiling. TheOld man andtheNew. A Remedie for Securitie. The Ruine of Gods Enemies. The Worldlings Down-fall. The Wife-mans Verdit. The Bridcgroome. The Preachers Plea. An Anfwer toa Popifh Rime. The Dignitie ofPreaching. The Spirituali Mins Taske. A Caueatand aComfort for Beleeuers. The Spirituali Fifhing. Meditations touching Death. The Doótrine ofthe Beginningof Chrifl. A Helpevnto Devotion. page r. page29. page 4c. page 71. page 97. page 165. page 197. page 208. page 219. page 233, page zio. pege 281. page 313. page 327. Page 349. page383. page 393. page 404. page 416. page 429. page 441. Page 449. page 456. page 4.67. Page 477. page 553. Page S77. page 595. page 613. page 639. page 65r. page 673. page 689. I The