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The firltSermon. Prou. 23. 23. Brey the Troth, but fenk nos: HIS Ilion fpeech of S+lomone, containeth in it iwo things : t. An Initin8ton, Baythe Truth : a.An Inhi- bition, Sen not the Truth. Firfi oftheIniunaion. To make wayrite theprofitablehandling whereof,we are to examinetwo things t a.What is theTruth t a. What it is to73,0 the fame. Truthisbutone, and it is inGod, andofGod; nay it Mat is God himfelfe. For the nature of God is not fubiea 'Y 'h n;é to anyattending properties ; whatfoeuer is inGod, is a,, úr:.. efl. God. Asbee isMerey it felfe, Íubieitfelfê,Goodseffiitfelfe, fo is healfo Trreb it (elfe.God isTruth,faith Itlefeso andfxm theTroth b,faithChriIIofhimfelfe. bIoh.r{.6. Yet neuertheleffe, this Truth which isbut one, and isprimarily in God, is from him conueyèd intodinersother things, which in that refiredare fo rightly tear. med True. Fdr,as the Sun is the foüntaine andnaturalifateóf light;yet that light is thence derived intomarryotherbodies naturally fitted to receiveit which are therefore truely rearmedlightjute ; fo; though God in that Core isthe Headand fpring ofall Truth, thathe is calledeilenTroth it felfe, yet his Truth is commu- nicated unto other things alto,:rind euety thing is fo farce foorthcalledtrue, asit is fquared and made enfwerable vnto that teemed Truth. And as dinersrefem- blances inmanyglades, being fet together, doe come all fromone and the fame Face,which is feeagainf them,fo all that Truth,which Is inOtherthingi,fetcheth it firlt beginning from theLord. Now howfoeuer the endofall our tndeavotirs, is thermionof thistruth to our vnderliandiug, and the knittingdour Coniesvnto God, (whereinthe very hear then, by the light ofnature, placedmans happinelfe,) yet this isnot foproperly that Trueliwhich is herecommended tovs, butrather fome inferior eraeó; which is fubftitured by God, aßa mteares to bring vs untohimfelfe. And yet neither is itthattritt, whichGod hath feared in Nature,and naturallthings; becaule, fo it is, that thecreaturepartaking ofmanscorruption, iefibiaft to lwanityct and lay cRom. /so, that means the patineerseb thereof, is Co temperedwith lying deceitfulnessthat the heart ofman(being in it(elfe a meere lie) rs not able to feeler each from O. eher, but is rathertherebymademore vaine,andto tome the truth ofGad, tbining therein into a lie o. Soweakean indrtnoent is the booke ofnature tobeget truth dRom, inour hearts. There is thenanother :verb, which hathbeen framedbyGod himfelfe, which neither. candeceive,nor,be deceived; and that is, The holyand precioueWardof the Almighty, whichby theSpirit ofGod is called troth.Seníüfe their' withthytrarb; tIoli y.rr. *bywordittroth.. TheWordoftruth*Web e the Go(penf. And, Are mike ofthe f deceit g, And this indeede cannotbut bee the troth. Fitt, becaufe tai ofthe Authorof ic, which istheGodof ire rb,. Secondly. becaufe of the Pen- g Pf,,,,.., menofit, Holy meat, which wroteofnoprivate motion. Thirdly, becaufeofthe ; sPee, iso, confirmerof ir,Chrifl the truthk. Fourthly, becaufeofthe Interpreterof it. The is. 10b.1.4.1/. Spirit oftroth . And if itwere fitting totheTent, it wereeafetothew the truth te6rM