Hieron - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.H54 S4 1624

The Epiftie Dedicatorie. 1Tim,4,4, turne them from theTruth unto Fables. In defre to performe Mote part ofthis latter duty, as Ifr/lpreached theft Sermons, fo, with the fame in- tent Idoe.nowpublifi them, TheText IamFiore, is excellent for the pur_ pale, but for my manner of handling it, I leaue to the cenfure of Gods Church. In preaching ¡hanc euer counted ptaineneffe thebelt eloquence, andthe carriage ofmatters fo, that thof ofthe loweff forme may learie fomewhat, thefoundefl àndfuret? learning. If any cenforious da/ofttton Jhallfay;that theft things are too rneanefor this ripe andexquifiteage, let themconfider, that at the buildingofSalámons Temple,therewas reome aswellforthe burden-beaters, as for ether more curious Artificers : and atthefirflmakingofthe Tabernacle not enely the bringers of blue hike, Dsod.s5.4s, and purple, and Scarier, but omen the pooreft fort whichbrought Goarcs haire, andRammes skinnes, were accepted. Hewruer it bee, Idemore then hope,that yourLadifhipwill kindly accept itfrommie, andentertaine it us a teflimony ofmy loue, andnotfò only, but vfi italtoforyour corn, fort. Andfepraying the Lord, to make your heart ftable and vnblame- sThd,la3, able in holinef'e, I commit your Ladifh p to.has grace inChrili lefts, Modburio. Nouemb, 14. 1606: Your La. inall goodaffeetion, SAH. Hrarìox.