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Truths Purchaf fbould haue a delire to impart knowledge. And, it is a notablething in a Mini- tier, whenheeis likeunto the veffell vntowhich Eliha comparedhim, which ha- elob3z.:9. uingno vent, is readytoWrit c3 fö that.the fpirit withinhimcompels him, and 4Ier44. the wordiábitheart, itat,s burningfireput mpin his bones, Jo that hee cannotfay d: and fo contrariwife it is a offerable thingwhen hisbowelsare that vp, Sr he hath nocompafsion inregard ofthe necefsitiesofGodspeople. So then, let this, that thepeople mull: haue a delire tolearne, teach vs tobeeof Paaü minde, euen im e Roth, 1.1 1. long to beftow f mé ff ìriraaügift among theme. Secondly, they mutt come to the Church,theplace offate: there mullbe Come body there todifcouer the treafures ofGodshoufe, toopts the myfleriesofgodlineflhvsto them: and therefore it . wouldmakesman with hishead were full ofwater, andhis eyes a fountaine of ofteares, to fee the lateofmany Churches. Becaufe mytextfpeakethof Baying I know not wheretobetter to compare them, then toCome olde Townes, which haue had yeerelyfaires in them, and are now decayed, and growne out ofvfei you (hallfeevpon theday inwhich their faireswerewontto bee kept,they will hang 011t2glove orfome fach teaimonyof fuch a meeting, but not one whit ofware is there to befold : fo in many Churches, you il:all fee a Pulpit, a place for a Speaker, and another forHearers, but it is but for a ligne; bee which MM. meth thither tobay theTruth, is like to hauebut a reafonable bargain. Thirdly, as thepeople mulllabour for difcerning the fpirits, fo the Preachersmull Indie to fpeake iudicially, that theymay fayasChril laidto Nicodemets, Wefpeake that floh.;.. we$now f; left they bean occafron offalling nato any. Fourthly, asthe people mutt equall the priceto the worthof the thing, that is, mutt ineaimably value that which is taught ; fo the Preachersought tobeware ofdoing Gods bsfineffe gler8to negligently g,offlight and fuperficiall performanceoffo weighty a matter. It is generallya fault withvs,that theworldbath fo beguiled and entangledvs, that it makethvsfoTenderly to prepare our felues totheduties ofourpublike mini_ aerie; as though topreachwere abufrnetfebut bythe way: and that caufethour preaching tocarry the letfemaieayand authority withit, becaufe the wifer fort ofourhearers, doe perceiue, that weeare often put toour fhifts, and doe make ;4ddpfidrnm. preaching tobebut anexercifeby theglaffe, which time ifwe canby any meanes fillip, wehold it tobe fufficient;well, ifour hearersmutt buyour Sermonsat fo deare a rate,lervsendeuour that they may be worththe baying.Lafily,asthepeo- plemuff (tore vpknowledge, and that nowefpecially, becaute we knownothow nearethe dearth is l fo weemuff alfonow chiefly bring outof our.Treafaresboth h Masa3.ts, newandoldh, and notbee wanting by ourforwardneifeto prouoke them to dili- gencein thiscafe,remembringwhat Chris fpeaking touching himfelfe, bath laid vponvsall, namely, toworke. the *tykes ofbimehatfentvs,whileititday, tbe night ;101,94, oommeth whenn, manconwerke'. Thus mach Iehoughtgoodby the waytoadele, touchingthofewhom the Lord bath deputed to the feruiceof his Church, that kCo1.4.r7, we may all takee heedto ourMiniferywhich wehamrece ised,eofo ' üitk. lise