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>-, x >~ , t . Ehe fecond Sermon. Buy theTrtah, hutfeIitnot. Pro,23.23. Hough I purpofe nottoenter into any preciferepetition of the pointstaughtoutofthis placeofScripture,at the timeof my left being here;yetfororder &methodsfake,that it may appeare,how I make mytwoSermons to agree& tofollow theone direaly vpon the other, I muff neceffarily entreat youto remember with me thusmueh; that asthisText was divided into twoparts;firft,anIniun&ion; fecondly,an In- hibition: Cothe former part was cutinto twomembers,the The fxond one,concerningthefetledknowledgeoftheTrut h;theother,touchingaholypra - ¿the &ire and obedience to the Troth. The brit ofthere two, was the matter and fub- tniuneioaa it& ofthe laft Sermon; the latter mullhaue the firftroomehih this Exercife. hich:s:he The perfertion and goodofeueryAâion, is the Endof it ; becaufewhatfo- i thingro ewerwe do attempt and vndertake,fomethin there is whichwe doaimeat ther- bñhandled g hisSer. in,which is by many degrees tobe preferred before the meanesleadingthereua- moo. to. As it is is all other things, fo is it in theBaying oftheKnowledge ofthe do- &tinewhich isaccording togodlines.Forit isnot therfore only tobe pnrchafed, that by it the millof ignorance in thevnderflanding partmightbe difpelled,but alfa that thereby,the Will mightbe ftrengrhened,theAffe&ions ftraightened,the Coufciencepurged,theoutward man reformed, and fo the.very body Of Falfe- hood, which thefather oflies 'bath begotten in vs, mightbee vccerlydeftroyed. a lobs.41: Well then, that weemay profite by the handlingof this point, I will take this Theorderof' courfe: I will fhew you firll,what thisfecnnd and infetiorTroth is,which mull be ogthe_ firfkdodrinc had alto to themaking vpof this full Purchafe. Secondly, I will declare the'ue- of this ser.± cefsityofit. Thirdly, I willapply the fameto our ere, 'non. And fir t ofall,that we may vnderftandwhat thiskind ofTroth is,which from thevnderllanding isderiued intothe whole man, &divertedro the ordering and, gouernmenttherof,I takeit the bell way wil be,a littleto takeviewofthatwhich iscontrary thereto,which beingarightconceiued of, will give a better light vaco.. this. David in onebfhisPfalmes mentioneth a certaine guile,which he calleth a fpirituallÇ, poile. Bided (faith he) is the wan inWhofe ,irit there isnoguile.Andour pr,1,3xs,: Saaioar commendedNathaniel in theft termes, Beholdan lfraelitein whomthere is Ioh.1.47, noguile. Whenwe fhall vnderftand what this/primal, is, We fhall the better iudge'what this other Traeh is, whirlsmy intent is to urge inthis place. SpirituallGailemay be in general thus dtfcribed : it is kinde ofdoubledea- gpiritvalguilë lingbetween God'anda mars owne felfe, in thethingswhich doe concernehis o enedai foal. Itbathmany branches, whichbeing opened will giue'a fuller and clea- large forshe rer light veto the whole;you may (ifyou pleafe)fuppofe thisffiriruaKguile ge.. ;note,mmcp nerally named,tobe (as it were) Km coat offigge leaues, which Adorn madefor ofthat Truth himfelfe when bee had firft finned, wherewith to hide himfelfe fromGod; and ,hiebis the theopening acheparticulars (into which Iam now toenter) tobe (as it were) matter of this the rippingofthatcone, and the fundringofeach leafe, wherewith the fame is fire dollrloe. patched together. rt. Branches Thrfiels branch thenofthis Guile, isaconceit ofa mans owne good effetefor gf;le. alt fpuitnali things: an opinion that all in him iswell, and nothing tobe found fault u withal. Sucha conceit itfermes to me, that 'Faul had ofhimfelfebefore lois coos. uerfion: l onceWaentire (faithhe) iiiithaut theLawh': that is,before I Cookea ful- bxomp.9, terview of myfelfe, inthe glaffeof Gods Law, Ideemed my felfeperfit, Iwas fo eealoatsofthe traditions ufmyFathers', that I fuppofed,tharIwasa man outofthe a.G,;;nt. reach