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`T"rtaths Pùrchajé. called tiruch together, imagine. to remedie all thisbothwith God and the world by foeJ3' , and beneuolence to the, poore ; orto the Church.at theirde. ceafe;andbeing poffeffedherewith , they runeon, prefuming by this meansto make athoroughfatisfa& ion, bothtomaser theircredit with men, &togaine fauour with the Lord. The eleventh and laltbranchofthis Guile:isto looke no t further then to aPew ofGodlinef e,aud to thinke ones.felf religiousynough, if he haue learned the Artoffeeming andcan Makeanoutward fcn ;blanceofthat, which indeede is farre from the heart. Therewhich ore thusminded, iftheworld holda good.opinion Oithem, they thinke themfelues tobe very holy,ifmencan trot challengethem, they account themfelties vnblameable. This is right hypo- crite. Hypocrite; sa Greekeword,and fignifieth.a flageplayer,who many times for the time. weareth the habite,andcarrieth the fly le and.titleofaKirg,him_ felfe being but a rafcall,or beareththepart offome valourous knight, beeing manofno refolution,, orreprefentethacyail andmodeftloner, when hisowne life isapra&ife ofvncleaneneffe: This is properly an ldypocrite,andbeeingapr plied tomatters ofreligion, it fignifiethfuch anone, whore profefsion & mouth , and face,.and habite, makeby fits and vponoccafìons, great ibewesof Pie* , when inhisheart,he is nothing leffe thenhe makes fhew,ot. Yet this is thecorn-. monreligionoftheWeida, and.from,hence come fomany conrfesforgettieg .f a man a name; andopinion.ofreligion., Oneman Ilreweth hint felfe a iharpe re- proouer and corre&er.ofthe errors of orhers,that fo he may be thought tobee fuels an one, whocannot brooke or,futicr, atilt, and yet the fame notwithl}andirg is fluke enough iu reforming hisownecorruptious ;like tohimofwhomcur SauiourfpeakethinthtGofpell,whofergeitingthel3ea ,neinhisowneeye, was very defirous, asmight feeme, tooafout the Moie,,whiçhwas in hisbrothers Math .Eye s, Another, in fameoutward obferuatìonswi llfeeme veryprecife, which 73,4, are but as itwere the Circumftaneesofreligion ,, in the meauetimenegleting the maineduties;after the faUrionof the Scribe.sand pharifes, towhom Chriit denounced a woe becanfe they did Oche minte,and aan)fe,and commtn,drgddid lease dise sdaigbiier matters of theLars'': Athird fort tobe thoughtreligious , will not rMath,23,e, Rieke to One fometeiimonieofreformation, and like SR/din hisexpedition:a. gainit Amaleck,who killed the wotferRátûXand fatted the bell ofthe fpoilç aline, fo theywill kill (asmight feeme)fome pettyGanes ofleffeprofire,aduantage, of delight; and yet let the great ftnnes(thecrucrlyng whereof lbould çheifly reflifie their obedience,)bleatdand cryRift inthe cares ofthe moli 1-ligia. Thus die,edf, lh;axl C,aee reformed. loam things at lams preaching, bu: the grand -frane hee would by no meaner be perfwaded to'reforme, butthough the Preacher might better fpare hisheadtinenhe coald line without that linse; many fuch Herod; there ate now. adaies,who ;when.a godly reformation isvrged,cry with the fame words, though ,,,; Lfeare me.not with the fame minde,that that good S)rian nfed , Onlyherein, the Lordbemercifall mug .vsi,letva be borne with inthisaadbruchs ifwe will men4 any thing. Admencourfesare many,for the.attainingofati opinion ofreligion., fo theirends are diners:one mandoth it for his profir;as the Shechemites yeelded titintasta robe circuméifed vpon thishope, Shall not theirflaket,sndcastel;andall theirfhb- flame be ours "? Anothet doth it for his credit andeflimation. So $3511 though hee u Geng4,,3 did not much,loneorefeeme Samuel, as aProphet , ;Jetwhen Sayselin:fcme difcotttentment was departingfrom hirn,hee importunedhim to flay withhim , and this washis reafon,Hosowrroe,/ pray thee beforetbeElders of mypeople x. Hee thought &modspretence wohld grace him,otheriíife ¡cis likely hedid riotmuch xá.âom.r3, regardhim. And Idot verily thinke ' thisto halm beene one caufe,whichmoo- 30. OMHerodat the fief, tocountenance lobsBaptif ; becaufethepeople accoun- ting, loin asa Prophet,it couldnot bilemake much for Heredocredit to be ap-o- te&ion vnto him. Another yet makethreligion,butasacloaketo greatervilla- tües Co lea abel purpofmg by falls witnelfes to take away Nabotbs life, yet P would