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58 Truths Purchafe. rxKing.:r.9 would grace the matter withproclaimingaFa(}r. And Abfalemmade theper- formance ofa Vow in Hebron, to bethe (hadowofhis vnuaturall confpiracie a g a.Sam.tt.7. gainfthis father g. This is the Taft BranchofthisSpiritua,Y Gaile;the fortuneof it , is this,when formatters ofreligionmen Contentthemfelues with the lodgement ofthe world,thinking themfeluesveryholy,ifthe worldfoaccount them. Thus baud ripped vp uA'dams fibleaues, and (hewedyou asI thinke,allthe particu- lars of this Spiritual( Guilewhereby menthinkingtodeceiue Godidoat the laft utterlybeguiletheir owne foules. I hauebeenelonger init then Ithought ;but theexcellencie and necefsitieof%he point,hath ouercarriedme. Now, truth is in everyrefpe& contrary hereunto , as full ofplain.neffe, as this is fulloffubtilty , making a man as like tothe God ofrruth,as the othermakethhim torefemble thefather oflies. It is brieflythis , Anhumble and feelingacknowledgement of a mansnatural! finfulnefle;an aggravatingto theconfcience ofeueryeuih, when amanbath todoe direetly with theLord;a thunningand auoydingofall (hifts, eitherof pretenfedexamples , or ofmultitude, orofShroudinggreat thanes vn- -der tolerable names, or ofcranlisting faultsvaro others, orofprefutningvpon Gods goodneffe,or ofhoping bypetty meanestoredeemeoffences ,orbÿcoue_ 6Ptilst,ó, ringa falfeheart witha face and vizard ofreligion. This is Truth intheinward Ifa,39,3. parts , asDavid tearmeth it h. Thiswasm Hezakiah, OLord, lhamwalked be- fore thee inTruth And from hencefpringeth Truth inthe cosfcieuce,gisinga true informatidn ofpeace wrought with Godby Iefus Chrill, and alluring a man by the Truthofhis obedience,ofthe Truthofhisfaith : Truth in the mouth, to k Eph.4:1. put away lying k and all manner fpeeches, whichmay gistthe lie toa good 1 PIA t 59.37. profefsion t Truth in theeyes, not tobehold Vanity': Truth in the carenot to rProu.,9.:7 heare the luf ruftion thatcaufeth toerre,fomthewords of l nowledge':Truth in the hand inrefpc&of the vprightneffe,andfidelitie, and plainneffe, and openneffe of Thus I haue (hewedyou,the nature ofthis Truth, which is comprehended in one clank thus , Trueobedience to that which a man knoWeth tobe theTroth. Thenextpoint,isto (hew the necefsityofthis kind ofTruth,ornamely,Truth ofobedience,or obedience to theTruth. Thenecefsity,may be gathered by that which the Scripture bathdeliueredofir,all wholeprecepts impofeanecefsitie. whenwifedome entreth intothy heart er kno*ledgedeligbteth thyfoule,thenIke( mum. oProu,wto. fill preferue thee, and vnderfiandingkeepe thee ^. So that thereis no beuefite by knowledge, till it come into the heart, and bathwrought vpon the affeâions. Saintlames (peaking ofageneral]apprehenfion oftherm-Jo ofthe religion,with- u1am.:.,a, out vfe,faith,Thedials haue it and do trembho. manyfhal come inthat elay,6 fhaff fryuntomeLord, Lord, We baueprophesied inthy name (letvs which are Preacher, pMath.7.s:. confiderit,)yetChriltThalfayuatothem, Departfromme ,yethatWorkiniquityr. Here is knowledge, and yet no faluation. Ifyou know theftthings, (faith Chrift gtoh.13.t7. elfe-where)Bledareynu,ifyou doe them '1. Iristhe obedience,whictrmakethvp ,IIst5,3. thehappine(fe.To everyon thatis thrifly,Come bay r,and what then? Ratetoo:the hauing is nothing,without the vfing.Places offcripture ofthis natureareinfinit all which doconfirme thusmuch,hat the purchafersof the Truth, ought not to be like the Rich,(but yet miferable)purchafersoftheWorld, who whenthey -haue gottémnch intotheir'hands,yetgo as neere thewinde fare ashardly, toile as painefully,(Doke as rufully,as theydid when they hadnothing,andfo (asSa. fProu.s3 y. .lomon faith) male themfelues peers hawing Wealth) ; Such mull not thebuyers of the Truthbe,knowing inuch,doing little,hauing (as it were) golden vnderftan_ ding,& leaden affe&ions; Andindeed to recourfe veto the truedefinitióof -álie,there is no more proper lie,then whenaman knoweth one thing, and dots 7aenriei eft the cleancontrary; To lie,is to goagainfla mans mind. So thatwhen a mans ono amrr. carriage gineth his knowledge thelie, that man,is though he know the Truth, a ,rm +re: notorious lyerbtfore God, So much beitly For-theucefsiry ofthisTruth. Now