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Trilihr`Pi¢rcbafe. d to keepe anarrow watchMier ourhearts,Ieftwe ware wearyofhoddoingf,lefì at fs.Th C3.z3 vnawares akind of facietyand fulneffe creepe vpon vs. Tobegin a thingisplea. fast, therefore forvarieties fake,manywill begin,but vponfome occafionsloose leaseWO that all the proofe is in the end. There is Onepoint morebehinde,no leffeneceffary then the former, abranch ofmy dinifion,andincident all:, tomyText ; and thatis,a godly care toenlarge , The ,l& ; and encreafe kbsTruth tb&hWe hoseptatchafed.In thisfrugali andthriving age,he is,among worldlywife men,halfe accounted anvnthrift,notonly that maketha- way his &late,either inwholc,or in part,butallo whichdoth not by his indufiry andprouidence, fonlethingbetter the fame. Andi pray you markeifmy Text donot requirefo much:It is in the nature rheum, inhibition,orforbidding com- mandement,to imply the contrary:As Thais 'halt pot kll,comprehendeth thisru- der it,rhonflub by all hone;meanesprefers: thelifeofthy neighbour: fo,thew(halt not fe&theTroth ; what mull i thendoe(wiltthoufayi)ThOU multi husband it well, and labour to encreafe it. Sothat myText verynaturally,without fittingit vp- onthe racke,occafioneth the vrging ofthat duty, whichtheScripture often :loth perfwade,namely,A caring andendeai miring to thrine in Religian,toencreafe both in knawledge,anditsobedienee. S. PeterGiuesacharge,groeiiogracee,P aidbefccheth ia.Pet;.as; hishearers to encreafe more and more. ,Salomon compares the flareofaChrififan ur.1heff,4,a to the light,Wbicbfhineth moreand moreveto theperfitdayx,In £zekgel,thegracesof x Prou,1,55. Gods fpirir,arefiguredby the waters,iffuingour ofthefan&uary,whieh were firfl tothe ankles,then ofthe knees, then to the foyers,then to a riser that wild not.be polledosier Y, David call Gods (enfants Trees,which firingforthfool: in theirage, yHzch4ÿ, and eves then are fat,rindffourifbitig`,Chriti in theParable ',reportetb,that the 3Pfal.y:. rI; euülfcruant,thoughhee kept the Talent in a napkin fafe,yet was condemned for aMath.21.i4. not encreafing ic.Thùs youfee the Truthofthisdo&riae. AsidI pray you letvg makethe vfeofit,to beflirted vp by it(fomany as haue gottenCome knowledge, he & (hewed Come fruitsofobcdience,)not torefl fatisfiedtherewith, thinking that weknow enough,and haue done enough; butafter the worthy example ofPaút, let vs fillforget that tchichisbehindb accounting that whertoWe arecome tobe fcarce worththe naming,andfiriuingtogoe from gracetograce,tromvertueto bPhL3t3; vertue,fromftrength to ftrengtb,,attordisgas Godbathdesk toeueryone themeaf,ère c501 ,8 4. offaith d; Flefh and blood is ready fooneto fatisfie it felfe,with a little in there dRom.41, things, though in other things it bevnfatïable;and worldly men(that wouldbe thought religious for all that)they plead , All is Well,& howreligious wouldyeti bane vsto be?Do.we not thüi andtbiss,andwhat wouldyou have of-vsmere ?To helpe this Iprayyou remember thfsrffe isthebeft Chriftian,whofsenercomplaining to himfelfe ofhis owne flackaeffe , and carrietha kinde of holy indignation again(' himfelfe, that he knowethnontore,andisnomoreobedient,moreBrie- aP(ül; t3, wing at that which is behind ",thenpleating himfelfein that whetterhe isattained. Andon the other tide,hethat is in hisowne conceitcrime toa fullpoint,thinking that alittle religib, a lisle zeale, a little holines,a lisle knowledge will fuffice,the fameman harts no aeale,no holines,no knowledge,no religibat all.My=Conk, theBoilferuáti fpake ofbefore,though in one place itisfaidofhim,that thatwas fMnfi.x LÉ taken from him which bee had r; yet elfewhete it is baldofhim, that that was Ma i.,i$, taken from himWhich it feemedhehad t. Sóthat it isbutafcemingofreligion , 8 where their is nocareofencreafing. Andthus at lafl I haveended this Text,and though I hauenothandledeuerypoint folargely,as the worthofit did defetue yet F haue,inCome meafure, touched euerypatticular incident to thisplate, The endofthefundSaniws. J