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q Truths Turchafe. goodhusband in holding fail agood profefsion tothe end. But, becatfe toenter into everyof thefe particulars,would requirea morelarge difcourfe, therfore as agenera.:! pkeferuatiueagainkall occafioas that may withdraw, I will only com_ mend,and confirmeunto youthis dodrine,namely, That he which hathentredinto ' ageodcaur/eoftrue obedience, ought not at any hand to¿WI and fall away f om the fame.. Thecomrfe of Chriftianity is often in Scripture cópared ma race, in which it fufficethnot a man, either to haue run long, or tohaue run painfully, unitfie he holdout unto the marke ; nay, bee whichbreaker]] offin the midway, is as farre from a rewardas he which neuer fet one kepforward thereunto; So in this cafe,it bootetbnot aman tohave been fomerimes very forward,& to haue madeCome thecv ofleucand Obedienceynto GodsTruth, vnIef1 hedoe perfiff and connote therein unto the end. Therefore, So run (faith the Apaftle) thatyou mayobtain e taCor.9.2g. fa run', that is,moderately in the beginring,couflantiy is the tnidlt,& cheerfully in the cud,making the end ratherbetter, thenworfe then thebeginning. Anvn- ftaid,inconfanr,& fickle difpofition, to be carried with a humor, and toembrace a thing but for a fit, is a thing fo difgraceful even in common reafon, that many men oftentimesdoeperfull in that which is naught,ratherthen to incurre thefuf_ pitionofvriftlednesmuchmore is it fimmmefull in mattersof religion. And ther- fore, as it is the brandofthewicked tobe like a whirlewinde, fo it is the note of mProao.z f, the righteousto be as an euerlaflingfoundation m, All thepromifes of ha ppines in holy Scripture, are madewith condition ofcontinuance. flee that endureth to the nSto.z4.t3. end,fha/lbefaued .; Tv him that oxereommeth will lgine,6c,Be faithful! to the death, oRcgz.ro, andthou 'halt receive the crown oflifeo, Sothat ifyou takeaway continuance, all hopeOf happinesis utterly ouerthrowne. In a word, not tot-ay fo much as night be fpoken in this cafe; theywhich hauebinzealous,and caretuli,and forward, and do aftergrow cold,their cafe is worfe,&their pnnilhment moreheavy. Firft their cafe is worfe,becaufe the:by they are brought into the way to thatunpardonable fine againft the holy Gholt,fo that ifeuer they recouer,it will coif them the fel- tingon. Againe,their punilhment is more heauy: For they, whohaaes.fapedfrom thefilthines ofthe world, throughthe knowledge ofthe Lord,c, if theybeentangled p z Pecz.zo. againtherein, the latter end/s norfethen thebeginning P. qt. Thereis anecefiary vie tobe madeofthis point: Backfliding,fallingdway,Io. fing the firfi love, are the common finsof theprofeffors ofreligion in this ages The Chu: ch isfull ofDemafs, who haue left theirold zeale, and haue embraced 9 s Tim4.10 theprefeat World^. Theblefied continuance of our happy peace,hath bin to many an occafionof falling: It is time that the Lord Ihould quicken vs by fame (harper courfes.Therebemany ofwhom it maybe laid, Hewas a zealousGentleman, carc- fxli in thewaits ofgodlines : 1 knewfocb anone,anearnll andpainful? preacher, fudi. oxe,induflrious,afexcellentgifts:There is another was pre, come Ó,s.&ganegood te- flimonyofGodsgraces tohim, mea adiligent hearer, a man wholotted to confer ofgood things;But now there oagreatalteratid,the world bathchoked them,rhe vanityofout- ward thingsbathbeguiledrhem,and theyarenot themen that they hastebeen:Alas than Mf imum any matt fltouidglue occalion to hatte it fo laidof him. I remember the laying, It JfQebea- is themoll wofull thing toham bin happy : and fo,itisamiferable thing tohaue bin trim, zealous,&now not to bezealous; tobane had lands and linings, and large poffef- irons,& nowto bea begger; to haue had the Trothofobedience inpollefsion,bue nowtohave cleanparted cherewithalLlbefeechyou,ifany here be guilty herein (asevery man bath good caufetobe iealousouer himfel £with a godly iealoufie) r Reu,,;q. let him be admonifhed to looke to it quickly,to repent to dohisfirfl workor,lefthe incurre adouble condemnation.Whowill pityhim that had land and liuing,and Could not keepe it? and how (hall the Lordbee mercifrillunto him, who having koowne the WayofTruth, fhall tarnefrom theholy commandementgioen unto hint ? And for others, which are (perhaps) butyet commets on and beginners in good 'things, as you!hall learntother things, fo learne this withal:, that we haue need to