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cf thefeeuerall Sermons. g3 The purpofeof gad infreeing vsfromourfÿiritttallbondage, was,that Weef/.auld euen conficrateour/lair to thegloryand honour ofhimfe fie. p.127. 24 w4s Godmill expect Janice at ourhands,fo hoe will make vs able toperforme r.109. 2 5 Till the 'Modeof a Chriflian bee quieted by the knowledgeofhisperfonall acquit, e oncebefore Godby Chrifl, he cannotrruely teruc God. p.13 t. 26 The timeofour lining here in the world, is the alone time, in whicha/7hnfeduties ofiodineff which are requiredof vs muffbepratfáfed. p.133. 27 e...f Cheifiian is boundby the WordofGodtoa dayly prattileofReligion. p.034. 28 We mugs haue careofcontinuance as webs of diligence ingoed for theprelimtime. p.136. 29 True Religionffasdsnot in a verbal! profoffion or informallPiers, but inanion. 3o la the prdt/ife of Religion theremolt bee a coupling together of holycarriage to. wards God, andupright demeanourtowards men. p.13 S. 31 Ifwewouldhe religiaste indeed, reemilli not lock!famuch tofbew asto thenpproo. ping ofourfelnes by truth andfi,cerity of heart unto God.p. i 3 S. The Abridgement of theGofpell. vponLuke 1.76. Thoficond part. Sermons 3. Do c1T RINE S. i Iris aneflate ofpreferment to be a Prophet and ae./Viniffer in the Churchof God. P.145. 2 It is theoffice of Gads Miners to draw Diffïples voteChriff. p.147. 3 He who defireth to makewayfor Chrtft m f f nely to be able mopes tothepeople the hid treaforecf theScripture. p.149. 4 4 Ñldntfler muff fo preach,as that (if it bepo%ohle) the !knowledgeoffaluationmay from him be oberiued veto althat /ware hies, 5.149. 5 Theywhich are ignorant in the tosse wayoffaluation arc not prcparedfor Chrif{,nor fit to entertaiue him. p.1 5o. 6 Salvationfiends in the remifan of f noes. p.151. ,7 Therichesof Gods mercy is the fupreame caufe ofourfaluatien. p. S Chriffs comming into the world to worke sire faluation zs the chre feftfruit ofGods mrrcp. p.15s g Thewarke off.útsasini wroughtby Curia isvnckangeable. p.i 56, io Every natural/man is deftittuteof trueknowledge. p.z S7. noeuraíl man is dtfiitráteof trot comfört. p.I 58. 52 Weareas i,.fubioltion to eternal{ drath. p.159 I 3 Thebenefit whichwe have by Cho f io exceedinggreat. 14 We needaguide into the Way ofpeace. p.162. The Back-partsof lehouah. Sow. 4. vponDeed.34.6,7. Do cvR IN ES. I ,Avoyeesithe chicfeoutward meanerordained ofCafesmans inflru£fisn. page 166. i God is inhis natureaneternallT ceing. p.167. 3 GodgtosethReo/ngcoal things that has/eSeeing. 7.169. 4 Godgineth Peeing toall his promifes.p.i7t. 5 Whatfoeserhewill, Gaditmághtiy able toeffeff.p.r73. 6 Themercy ofGod is exceedinggreat. 7.179. 1j4