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The Ttles,Texts, End Dcïfrincs 7 Thetroth onceentertainedand known, mullnot berenounced, p. 6o. 8 4 sondeof obedience once cored into, muffnever beforfaken, p. 63. 9. Theprobate ofTruth once made,malt beflillenlarged, p. 65. The Dignitieof theScriptures, 3. Serra. openFlofea 8.22. DOCTRINES. e e.411 neceffariepoints touching eitherfaith or manners are, bat dandy containedin the Scriptures, p. 7r: z Thematterof the Scripture is exceeding precioso, p. 74. 3 The Scripture is trulycalled the writingofGod, p. 77. 4 It was veryneeffariethat Gods Wordfhould becommitted to writing, p. 79. 5 Motes thefirfi writerofthe Scripture, p. So. 6 That which we now callthe Scripture, is the Word ofGod, p. 83. 7 It is agreatJinn tobe afironger inthe Scriptures, p. 87. The Abridgementof the Gofpel, upon Luke 2.67. Thefrfi part, Serrneno 7. D O C T R I N E S . c 1 The comforts which God heapeth open his affli//ed feruants doecome inwith a kindeof eduantage, p.97. z Thole whom God intendeth to employ in anyfbeciallferoice, heefurnifhethwith giftsaccordingly, p. 98. 3 Thegraces of Gods Spirir;wherefotuer they be, theybe net idle, p. 99. 4 Theproofing of Gods Name for-hisgoodnof , b one part of thatfbirituallferules whichwe owe ontohint, p. too. _ 5 Thefafetie of Gods Church is impregnable, p. t oz. 6 TobeanofGods people, is thegreatefl honour, p. s oz. 7 Theb/e ngswhichdtrealyconcerneeterna l!lf,bilongonlytoGodspeople, p,io3. 8 godsbtn4nefandfreegrace is the beginning and fountainsofall thofgood things which deeconcerne the eternall life, p.104. 9 WPe4real/bÿnature in afloteefferuitude, p. cos. Io lefoes Chriflis entry Way fnrnfbedwith lisficienciéof powerfor theaccomplifh. ment of the worksofmons redemption, p. 108. II Chriflisoffu/lpowerforthefina6confaoonofhis enemies, p. II O. 1z That Chrifl in Whom we bedew isthe fame thatAmid come, andbefides wbomi. no ether mullbe loob,edfar, "p. sit. 13 Our SaviourChrifl Was a Perfooafverygreot Nobilitie, p. III; 14 The Kingdoms ofChrifl is unearthlykt'ngdome, p. e s o. 15 Outwardgreatneffeis of novalueforffirituall vos, p.1/2. /6 For thegroundingofFaith, it is needing tonote the order and agreement oftht Scriptures, p. t 14. 27 Godfrom the Worlds'beginning foreimlde by the Prophets all things concerning Chrifl, p. 115. 18 net ahich was totteredby themouthof the `Prophets, Godffiake, p. it 6. '73ir'etipo r itf.ewed, theMaillie, Aatboritie, andTruthofthe Scripture. 19 ThefehrationofGods chofin,is certaine, p. 119. 2o T he Werke ofRedemptionbj Clore, was intended, dt it werea/page, on which the fulneof mercy ',debt befeene, p.tzt. if `Therfs/atie of Chr7 :its death is not reflrained toone time, p. 223. an Thereto anInchangeableeertaimieinGodepromi fes, p.125. 23 The