Hoadly - BX5136 H6

OfCONFORMITY. then, we think they go beyond their au- thority, when they introduce vain, fenfe. lefs, indecent ceremonies, or abundance of any fort, to be a trouble and burthen, rather than a grace and beauty to Public4 forfhip. When the Church of England Both this , then it is time to complain, and open fo vehemently againf1 the abufe of authority : And even then , I do not think a feparation can be juftified Becaufe a feparation is of a great deal worfe confe9 quence to both State and Church, than a compliance with authority in what had better not have been commanded. The Governour may tranfgrefs his duty in commanding, and yet I may be under an obligation to obey. And the pre- tence of witne ng again his impoftions is not of half fo much force, as the wit- neJfngagainPublic4Difiurbance andDill order. But fince the Church of England bath not burthen'd the Public Fool/hip with the abundance ofCeremonies you (peak of and fince thefe mention'd wholly re- fpe& the Minßer 5 methinks an objec`fion fhould not be brought againfr them, the weaknefs of which appears at firfl fight. For how does it follow, If the Bifhops have authority toprefcribe two ceremonies, that they G 2 haikt