Hoadly - BX5136 H6

L 82 The Reafonablene f r been a number of Diffenters in the land, who would have fcrupled to complywith them. Now, if the Scruples of thefe perlons would not have been a fufficient argument againft your Conformity upon your own Terms; why are they pleaded as a fufficient argument againft Confor- mity upon other Terms ? If they be a fufficient argument againft Conformity now ; why would they not havebeen, fup- pofing your ownTerms had been accepted ? Nor do I fee any force in your obje- AlLidgment &ion, that on the fame reafons the Bfhops P. 174 impofe the Crofs and Surplice upon Mini- fiers, they might bring in abundance of ce- remonies ofthe Church ofRome, which we have cafi out; becaufe this will lye againft the impofition of every thing not abfo- lurely necefláry, as well as thofe two: and I find you could approve of the im- pofition of force fuch things. We think the behaviour, and apparel of the Mini- fler who officiates, comes under the care of the Governours of the Church 5 andpre- . fcriptions about them are a check to the extremes both of Indecency, and fuperfli- tious Pomp. We think they bave autho- rity to fence againft thefe, and to-impofe rules of behaviour in order to it. But then,