Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. The perfons who fucceeded thole who firíh prefcribed thefe things found themor- der'd,as they thought upon good grounds; they found the fcruples and prejudices in the people againff them to have arifen fince thefe things were ordered; and this without réafon, and without foundation; they found many men of lober under- fiandings who had the meaneft opinion ofthefe irnpoftions, allowing them either to be fuch as were lawful in themfelves, or Inch as would not juftify a fepara- tion; they found that the fame argu- ments that were urged to prove- it to be their duty to lay alide thefe, might be with as much ffrength urged againfk others; and would as effe&ully prove it their duty to part with their Liturgy and any other prefcriptions, upon the fcru- ples of the people and not being willing to acknowledge they had no authority, or right, to infifl upon any fcrupled thing that is not effential to the worthip, or be- ing ofa Church, they could not but think it proper to infift upon thefe, rather than make fuch an acknowledgment; they found, after all, that the advantage and union propofed by the alteration of thefe terms was likely to prove in the iffìte G. 3 none 85 It