Hoadly - BX5136 H6

6 The Keafonableneff none at all, unlefs other thingsof greater moment, and what they dared not think of parting with , were removed alto. Thus therefore they argued, We find the removal ofthree impofitions demanded up- on thefe two grounds, That We have no au- thority to prefcribe fuch things; and, that manyfcruple to complywith them, and there- fire cannot have communion withour Church. We have examined thefe pretences, and we find, that all the arguments that are ufed againf our authority in theft e things, lie as ftrongly again it in other things, which many ofthe Defenting Miners themfelves would have complied with. We thin that ifwe have authority to prefcribe what is not efential to the Chriftian Church, We ought not to acknowledge we have not : and we judge that if the fcruples ofthe people, tho' never fo unreafonable, be the meafures of prefcribing, and altering; there is as much reafon, from this argument, to give up our Liturgy , and all Liturgies , as there is to give up thefe other prefcriptions. If to retain the one, though it hinder many from Communionwithus, be not unlawful ; neither is it unlawful or finful to retain the others. And by retaining them in oppofition to Mofe mho argue fo unreafonably, We ¡hall alert that