Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. things of the fame nature with thofe we are #eaking of; did hiuifelf lay down ,rules to the regulating the behaviour _of Chri- flians in Public/ Affemblies ; and Both, in effeci , give leave to Ch. urch-Covernours to prefcribe according to the rules of De- cency and Order ; give me leave , I fay, from hence to argue, that it is lawful (as far as St. Paul's example can make it fo) to prefcribe about the behaviour of Chriflians at the folenrnities of Religion ; that He no more thought, in this Chapter, of f ruples relating to men's behaviour at publick Afhemblies, than he thought of contradi&ing himfelf; and that the things He here fpeaks of, and thofe We are fpeakingof are fo different from one an- other, that his rules about themmay be, and are verydifferent too. If, therefore, the example of St. Paul be a good argu- ment againff the lawfulnefs of prefcrib- ing what men {hall eat, and that they shall not be received to Communion unlefs they do eat it: let theexample of St. Paul be efteemed a tolerable argument for the lawfulnefs of laying down rules and pre- f riptions about the behaviour of Chrifians at publickAffemblies. That thefe prefcript- ions fhould be laid aide , when they come