Hoadly - BX5136 H6

hr go The Rea_fonablenefs plain from thofe prefcriptions himfelf T. Cor. it. laid down. Such as thefe ; That Women z. Cor. 13. filould be filent at publicly Affemblies, even in thofe days when the revelation of the Spirit was common : That Women fhould be veiled in the Church : merely becaufe thefe things were agreeable to the no- tions of Decency then in the world. That the Prophets, who had any thing reveled to them, fhould wait with patience, and obferve a due order in their fßeaking, merely to a- void any thing that looked like confufon in religious worfhip ; and the like. Thefe thew that it couldnot be his deign in the chap- ter now before us, to forbid the mak- ing any fuch prefcriptions 5 for being a Governour of the Church, he made force himfelf: and that it was his opinion that Governours may prefcribe for decency and order, is plain from thence. As you therefore argue from the example of St. Abrragment Paul who being hiinfel f a Church-Govern- p. i 66. our, commanded not the things he here (peaks of, but does in effeaforbid the Go- vernours of the Church to command them, to thew the unlawfulnefs of commanding thofe things; fo give me leave to argue from the example of St. Paul, who being himfelfa Church-Governour, did command things