Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. late.their own Tables; but we cannot con- clude from it, that he thought it a crime to ufe his authority to regulate their demean- our at the Lord's Table ; that he thought it a fin for Governours to interpofe, or a duty in them when they had interpofed, to give up their prefcriptions, when they come to be fcrupled. If you would argue jufllyagainft prefcriptions from thischapter, you muff argue againft prefcribing fome- thing as little relating to any fundamental do&rineof Chriffianity, or the behaviour of Chriftians at public/ .Affemblies, as Meat and Drink : and for any other fort of prefcriptions, whatever fervice other argu- ments may do, I fee not how this chapter can poffibly be to the purpofe. And this will appear more plainly to you fromwhat I have to offer farther, and that is, Secondly, That if this chapter prove the unlawfulnefs of prefcribing Kneeling at the Communion, or retaining it when it comes to be fcrupled ; it proves as effe- aually the unlawfulnefs of prefcribing what you your felves muff acknowledge lawful, and what you could have joined with. From whence we may infer, that if it prove not the unlawfulnefs of one, neither does it prove the unlawful- nefs 93