Hoadly - BX5136 H6

{ 94 The Reafenablene f s nefs of the other. Some inflances I fhall give to make this plain. St. Paul pre- fcribed , that Women fhould be filent in publicl¿ Affemblies, merely becaufe it was decent, and becoming that Rate of `fub- jecion they ought to appear in. Our Go- vernours prefcribed Kneelingat the Commu- nion, merely becaufe it was decent, and becoming the folemnityof that holy rite: arguing, that as we kneel to our Prince when we receive a Favour, a' pledge of his Love, from him; fo it is agreeable to all the notions and cuftoms of Decency we have, that we should kneel when we receive the moft ineftimable pledge of. Love from our great Lord, by the hands of his Minifier. Suppofe now force Wo- men fhould have been fo weak as to have thought it unlawful to have obey- ed that injundion of St. Paul's, think- ing they were conftrain'd by the Spi- rit to fpeak , and judging their filence to be a. crime ; (we have lived to fee this and many as ridiculous fuppofi- dons verified ;) would you produce this fourteenth chapter to the Romans, to prove that St. Paul was againft prefcribing, or retaining any fuch rule; or that thefe Per- fons were to be received, and not 'cen-'. lured?