Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Preface. ejeaed Minihers in 1662 be, in all Mi- ntfterial abilities, much above the feveral hundreds which Mr. Calamy tells us had beenejeaed before by the Parliament. Ifee not how this concerns the Qjueftion which is only this, Whether feparation from the eflablifhed Church be neceffary. And f rice this is the only point between us of any great concern, it ought to be managed with the moll artlefs °s famplicity ; and not cum- heed with what is apt to hinder a great part of the world from judging aright in it. I believe I could. produce a Catalogue ofabove two thoufand, excellent in Learn- ing and Piety, who thought it not unlaw- ful to comply with the Terms ofMinifFeri- al Conformity : and none of them either wild Enthufìahs, or Ignorant Mechanics. AndI couldofferfore reafons why this ought to be accounted a better argument for Con- formity, than the Catalogue of ejeaed Minifters is againft it. But indeed this would ferve for nothing but to amufe the Reader , and divert his mind from the main 'Queftion. 1 am certain I have here endeavoured to avoid whatever may dofo ; and therefore I can fafely fay that I write -Pot to perpetuate the difpute ; but to brim