Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Preface. bring it to a good ifue , if pogible , by o, ffering what may tend to the fatisfail itn of thole , in whofe power it is to put a confiderable flop to it. Throughout the whole I have flric`hly obliged my felf to fay nothing but what apw geared to me truly fitted to the purpofe for which I produce it. And in all that I have alleged I have had only a regard to what appeared reafonable, and true, and apt to fatisfy any perfon concerned. Ifit befo, I am nót at all follicitous about any thing farther. I deftre itfhould Hand or fall as it a7-r--,r di f±frees with Reafon, and the C .1.fir' accordingly, I (hall be very f û defend it, or very ready to retra5i it. If in force infiances 1 feem to force not rigid enough , and to others too rim gid ; I de f re it may be remembred, that my bufinefs was to confider the Terms ofCon- formity as they are in themfelves, not as this or that perfon de f res theyJhould be. I have endeavoured to defend them as they are, but . t have not dared to alter them neon my own authority, either in order to make them appear more odious, or more agreable to the Diffenters. I could never permit my felf to have anypart infetting them at a great- er