Hoadly - BX5136 H6

0 CoNvoKMIT. IQ5 Chia fenfe of that word, and in oppoft- tion to thofe Epfcopal Men, who -did not approve of that word taken in fo firit a fènfe) and that by Divine Appointment. TheLatter is the fentence, as it is expref- fed by the Church it felf ; and the defign of it is plainly no more, but to fignify, that ,Bifhops, Priefls, and Deacons, have been in the Ch. arch, from the very begin- ning, diflinguifhed from one another by their peculiar offices. But if you take a pleafure in reprefenting, and underftand- ing every thing in the waywhich to you carries moil difficulty along with it, we cannot help it. Thus, another difficulty is made, that thefe Orders are fpoken of as feveral offices ; tho', how Bifhops, Priefls, andDeacons, if theybe fpoken of, either as .three Orders, or as three Degrees in the fame Order; how, I fay, they can poffibly be fpoken ofany otherwife than as feveral offices, I fhall never apprehend. But I have two things to anfwer to this objection. i, Neither Affent and Confent, nor Sub- fcription, oblige you to agree to every in- dividual fentence in thePrefaces, and Ru- brics, belonging to the offices ofthe Church. I have before fuiciently (hewn, and I here