Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Ei The Keafonablenefs an allowance and approbation ofthat afer- tion, that Bifhop r, [Wells, and Deacons, are three diflind Orders in the Church by Divine Appointment. By Divine Appoint= ment, you add your (elves : For all that the fentence, which you quote, fays, is that theft Orders have been in the Church from the Apojile's times : and all that you can thew certainly to be implied in any óf the Prayers in the Ordination-office is, that God bath appointed divers Orders of Miners in his Church. And you not on- ly add this, but you wholly alter the form ' . of thatfentence in the Preface to the Or- dination-office, on which you ground this objection; and feem to me to mifreprefent the splain deign and intent of it. For there is forne difference I think, between thefe two fentences. Bifhops`; Priefis, and Deacons, are three diftina Orders in the Church, by Divine Appointment ; and, from; the ApoRtes time , _there have been thefe Orders in Lhql's Church, Bifhops, Priefis, andDeacons. Theformerofthefe isyours; and leads people to think, that the prin- cipal intent of this fentence you fcruple, was to lay it down for an undoubted truth, that Whops, Priefis, and Deacon.' are three difiin t Orders (in the molt aria