Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 109. fince the reformation ; and the unhappy neceíhty fome Learned Men imagined themfelves under, to contradi& and ob- fcure it; and the delre they had that it íhould not appear ofgreat confequence, bath helped mightily to the clearing it. Arch-bilhop 7fher may very well appear ; in the headof thole whohave added great evidence to this proposition. If he dif- fered from other Epifcopal men, the dif- ference may well be thought verbal and not real; ifwe confider the service he bath done to Epifcopacy, in oppofition to the Presbyterians. Bifhop Pearfon and others followed. Dr. Hammonds Diffèrtations againf Blondell (faith Mr. Chillingworth who ufes not to (peak unreafonably) ne- ver were anfvered, and never will. Mr. Chillingworth himfelf thinks the proof of this truth amounts to fuch a demo/Oration, as can never be evaded. He produces feveral Presbyterians allowing, that from the Apoflle's days there was in every City one Perfon, who had priorityof Order, and fuperiority of Power and Authority over o Abriagment ther Presbyters. Mr. Baxter himfelf thinks I i,, it evident that in the Primitive Church there was a Superiority over Paflours main- tain'd not only by the Apofiles and Evange- 1 fls, 41)