Hoadly - BX5136 H6

10 The Reafonableneff lifts, but by other general unfixed Church. oficers; and, as to fixed Bifbops of parti- cular Churches, fuperiour in degree to Pref- byters, that the reception of them in all Churches was early and general. He is pleated to add, there is nothing favouring thefe in Scripture. Now in the fèntence before, he acknowledgeth that it appears from Scripture that there was a fuperiority of one over many Paflours ; not only of the Apojiles, but of others commif on- ed by them. Fromwhence I conclude, that there is in Scripture a great deal to favour this Superiority (even according to Mr. Baxter) and nothing against a fixed Superiour. Now the principal part of the iueflion here is, whether Superiour or no, not whether fixed or unfixed ; tho' 1 muff obferve, upon this part of the sQueflion alto, that this very early, and univerfal receptionoffixedBifhops (which Mr. Baxter confeffes) is it felf a good ar- gument, that there were flab contlituted by the Apoflles themfelves 3 and that the conffitution of fuch was judged moft a- greeable to their mind. Howelfe can we imagine that the reception of them fhould be fo univerfal , and fo early, that you cannot name theplace, or tine, from the very 0