Hoadly - BX5136 H6

i i 2 The R.eafonablenefs the fcrupling this fentence becaufe they arecalled Orders. If any other word had been here ufed, let itbe Degrees, or what you pleafe, the like Cavils exaUly might have been made againit it, by any who would have been at the pains to do it. Thus much for your principal Reafons againft the .Affint and Content, and Sub- fcription, required in the Church of Eng- land. Let us now proceed to tome others you propofè of leffer confideration , yet íuch, as feem to you fuffïcient to keep you fromConforming as Milliners. As, t. Tou cannot content to pronounce all Paved, that are buried, except the Zinbap- tiz,'d, Excommunicate, andSelf-Murtherers; as, you fay, all Conforming MinJlers are obliged to do. In return to this obje ion, I fhall not trouble you or my felf with fearching ont force pofiible found fenfe, in which force of the Paffages in the Bu- rial Office, againft which you except, may be underfrood. For could I Phew you, that God may be faid to take even a very wicked man away in mercy ; and that we maygivehim thanks for it, in a juft fenfe; yet I do not love to go againff the firl} defign of filch publickforms; and, after all, though thofe exprefJions might poflibly be