Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. fo as to fignify a certainty of a happy rem jurret ion to him, becaufe, in one of the following Prayers, we pray, that roe may refi in Chri/t, a our hope k this our bro- ther cloth. We are told, this puts it out of doubt. I can do nothing here but ap- peal to the words, as I have tranfcribed them from the Common-Prayer Boofi, and to that interpretation I have given of them ; which indeed is fo natural, that I never could frame any other to my felf andmutt leave the Reader to judge, whe- ther this be agood way ofreafoning 5 re- rnembri.ng that the word Hope may be ufed, when we are remov'd manydegrees from Confidence, and are upon the very bordersofFear; but that the words, f are and certain hope, cannot be ufed but iii the cafe ofa confident expetJation without the leaft doubt or fear in it. This is the cafe. In a Prayer at force diítance from this fentence the Church hopes ( which, in the loweft fenfeofthe word is far from certainty) that this perfon refis in Chrifi. Now, how doth this put it out of doubt, that, in this fentence, committing his body to the ground, in fire-and certain hope of the refurreEtion to eternal life? &c. The Church muit neceffarily refer to his par- . 12 ttc .l .r II