Hoadly - BX5136 H6

4 The Reafonablenefs gave it. If the Spirit of all men may, in a found fenfe, be faid to return to God; then it may alfo be faid, in a found fenfe, that God taI¿es to himfelf the Spirits of all men, when theydie. The fame interpre- tation that we fix upon the one, we may, withequal juftiçe, fixupon theother; and if the one be a true propofition, fo is the other ; the fame obje&ions lying againft the manner of expreffion in both. 2. You deal very hardly with this fen- tence, We commit his body to theground in fire and certainhope of the refurretlion unte eternal life, &c. Thefe are the words in theCommon-Prayer Book; and if weChri- fliansmaynot beallowed, whenwecommit a body to the ground, even fuppofing it the bodyofawickedman, to fay thus, We com- mit not this body to theearth as men who be- lieve the bodies th,is laid in it (hall remain there for ever; but as perföns fully perfxaded that there willbe a refurreCtion ofthe bodies of allmen at the lall day (which is, I am fure, the true interpretationof thofe words) it is veryhard. But here I find thefe words, a happy refurretion, put infteadofthe refur- recion, for what reafon I cannot certainly tell : and it is affirmed that this muff ne- ceffarily refer to the deadperfon, and that fo