Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 117 at the burial of the dead at Sea : and I do not fee how you can deny the fame fenfe to be intended inboth. We there- fore commit his body to the deep, to be turn- ed into corruption, looking for the refer- .. reetion of the body, and the life of the world tó come, &c. Compare the two Forms to- gether, and fee if this do not plainly thew, that the. meaning which you have fo polively affixed to the other was never thought of by thofe who drew it up. Having taken noticeof thefe two things, what I have farther to offer upon this Head is this, that I do verily think that a Minifler in the Church ofEngland is un- der no obligation to ufe thefe expreffions, which are the ground of your objeaiçn, in fuch cafes as you mention ; over no- torious, `incorrigible, impenitent, Adul- terers, Drunkards, Blafphemers, Murtherers, or the like : nor ever likely to fuller the lean inconvenience for omitting them. I deign not by this to teach anyperlons to playwith what ought tobe facredamongft Chrinians ; or to make light of Declara- tions and Subfc'riptionl. I hope I am far from it : and if what I now fay cannot be demonrated to be perfe&ly contin- ent with all the obligations a Conforming. 13 Miner