Hoadly - BX5136 H6

lì $ I8 The I .eafonablenefr Minfier is under, I here renounce it as foon as I have laid it. I delire then, it may be confidered. t. That the omiffion . of thefe fèntences, in fuch cafes, is not contrary to the original defign of the Church in prefcribing thisform; but more agreeable to it than the ufing them. I find it almof unanimouíly affirmed by as great Writers as any that have appear- ed in this caufe, that this office fuppofes fuch difcipline in the Church, that all no- torious and incorrigible (inners íhould be excommunicated, and fo incapable of this oofzce. If this be fo, and yet no fuch cipline exercifed,; to what part of his charge, to what part of his vow is He falfe, who either denies the office to thofe, of whofe acceptance withGod there can- riot be the leafs hope; or omits thefe ex- prejion.r which render this office fo impro- zper on fuch ocçafions ? I delire it may be remembred, that I am not now encou- raging any perfons to judge hardly of their Neighbours; but fpeakonly of fuch cafes, where it is moll apparent, and un- deniable, that there is no ground for the loweft degree of Hope. Suppofing there- tiore a Man cut off in the midi} of fuch ns as .A4nitery, Blafhemy, Sweariig, ,Dr**