Hoadly - BX5136 H6

120 The Keafonablene f r Blafphemers 5 that fuch as thefe, I fay, dy. ing without any fign of acceptance with God, refl in, Chrifl ; what man, whohad the leafs fenfeof Religion, could conform as a Minier 2 But, 2. You tell us here of fome Conforming MinPiers, who will not allow this office ife to Dnters, under the Notion of SSchifmaticks. Upon the authorityofthefe perlons then, this office may certainly be denied to fome who are notaEually excommunicated. For, as they deny it to fome Diffenters, who, they think, ought tobeexcommunicated, whe- ther theybe or no : fo it may reafonably, and upon the fame foundation, be denied to notorious and incorrigible Drunkards, Adulterers, and the like, tho' they be not a&ually excommunicated. Nothing is plainer than that fuch as thefe fhou'd be difowned by all Churches, and not efteem- ed as Chriflians. This is a Canon of St. Paul's, of as long Handing almofi as theGofpel it felf. And certainly, noChurch that (peaks any thingofExcommunication, fan lie fuppofed not to defign that noto- rious , incorrigible Adulterers, Murthe- rers, and the like, fhould be excor&isu- n sated, as much as it defigns that any others fhould. Iftherefore this ofcemay be