Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 12! bedenied to any others, certainly it may to thefe : and if theoffice may, then alfo thofe expreffions in it whichmake it fo improper. In one word, what I efleem truly fa- tisfa&ory on this Head is this You may be Minifiers in theChurch ofEnglandwith- out obliging your (elves to ufe this office over fuch impenitent wretches as you mention ; for neither Afent and Confent, nor Subfcription can refer to it any other- wife than as it was dcfigned by the Church. You may minifler in the Church of England, preach, exhort, infiruCi, do all imaginable good to the Souls of Men for manyyears together, (for your whole lives, if you pleafe,) without being ob- liged to ufe this office over any, either good or bad. And I remember the eje- tied Mtnfiers fomewhere fpeak, as if they fhould have been contented, if they could have been Preachers only in this Church. But farther, if you íhould take a Cure ofa Pain upon you, and perform all the offices of a Minfier in it, perhaps thefe cafes you mention, may not hap- pen; and if they do happen, I am per- fuaded you may omit thefe improper fen- tutees, without being falfe to anypart of your truft 3 and without fuffering any inçon$