Hoadly - BX5136 H6

I _A * The R.eafonablenep inconvenience for fo doing. And after this, I think you cannot fay, or think, with any juttice, that you cannot con- form as Miners without pronouncing all who are buried, Paved, let them be never fo wicked, and never fo void ofall figns ofacceptance with God. And ifyou can conformwithout this, then this objection againft it is removed. 2. rou cannot confent to a falfRulefor finding out Eafler-day. You truly .fay, that this is but a Trifle . yet, I than neg, lest nothing which I find ferioufly pro- pofed as an argument againtt Conformity, And, in anfwer to this, I thould not doubt to fhew, that fuppofing this Rule fall, a Man may with a very fafe confcience both declare his Affent and Confent, and Subfcribe ; were there any neceffity of making this conceffion. But this I omit for a better reply 5 which, ifyou find it to have truth in it, mutt for ever remove this reafon ofNon-conformity. And that is, that this is wholly founded upon a miftake of your owns The Rule neither contrail i&s the Table in the Common- Prayer Boot¿, nor the Common Almanac*, which agree with the Table. Only the thing is this; you judge of the Moons by $be