Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Preface. er diflance from the Church : and, on the other hand, I fhould judge it but an odd, and very unlikely way to win upon thew, to reprefent the Terms of Conformity more according to their wifhes, unlefs I couldper- fuade them to believe that they were truly what I reprefent them tobe. What Errours there are in the ilyle (for that there may beforme, I amfen f ble) I hope arefmall ; filch as will not diflnib the fenfe, or hide theforce ofthe argument ; and there- fore pardonable. The following Poflfcript is added , in anfwer to that in Mr. Calamy, and to !how the world how eafy it is to write filch Adver- tifemetts. Indeed I have altered the 'late of the Queflion at the beginning of it ; be- caufe it is very evident from every Book publifbed in the Gaufe, that theControver- fy between the Conformifts and the Diffen- ters is not, Whether the eflablifhed Church be perfeE ; but, Whether fepa- ration from it be neceilary or reafona- bie. I have nothing more to add, but my re- quefl to the Reader, that He would bring an honefi heart along with him ; and rig prayers to God, the he would give a blej fing