Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Rea,fonablene ff my own judgment fo much as to plead for the retaining any one thing in the publick fervice of the Church, that is juít- ly fufpefted to be fabulous. Nor Ihall I now enquire, whether all the nodes here mentioned be fabulous or no: but íhall only at prefent argue thus. Is it unlaw- fid to read any Books in the Church, in which there arevery many ufeful and ex- cellent things, as well as fome few rela- tions fufpe&ed to be fabulous ? Is it un- lawful to tell one of thefe fiories in the Pulpit, or aPry the truth ofwhich may be as much fufpecrted as any of thefe? It is notorious that this bathnot been fcru- pled by many who have fcrupled the o- ther: and yet, if this be not unlawful, nei- ther is the other; and if it be not unlaw- ful, it may be complied with. I defire it may be confidered alto, that Our Church hash fufficiently, and openly, declared what a diftinftion fhe puts be- tween thefe Apocryphal Books, and thofe which are Canonical ; that no Chapter out of thefe Books is appointed to be read in the Service for Sundays; that thefe Books are full ofmoft excellent leffons and inflru- &ions; full of fuch inftru&ions as it is good for the People to be acquainted with 5