Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 125 with; that they have been always high- ly eftcemed. in the Church; and that on thofe days they are read in the Church, there are alfo leffons out of the New Te- fiament appointed with them ; and all things neceffary for the publick Service of God. Nor can I think, that you judge it afin to read thefe Books in the Publick Service of God, as the Church ofEngland bath declared they Ihould be read, viz. for example of life, and infiruClion ofman- Art. 6. ners, but not to effablifb any doctrine. And if it may be done withoutfn; certainly it were much better to read a great ma- ny ufeful things, and amongf1 them afa- bulous Rory, once or twice in a year, than to divide the Church under this pre- tence. But you argue not only againft read- ing thofe parts of the Apocrypha which you fuppote to be fabulous, but againft what you acknowledge to be valuable in it alto, reprefenting thefe books as read under the title and notion ofHoly Scripture i nay, in the room ofHoly Scripture. This we account hard indeed, that our Church thould be thus reprefented, when it bath been declared after the moil publick manner, that in the name of the Holy Scri'