Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. you your (elves know hots fufficiently to anfwer from that article of our Church in which thefe Books are fpoken of de= fignedly, and therefore with more ex- adnefs? They muff be very fevere in- deed, and ftrongly inclined to find fault, who can pafs by the plain declarations of the Church, where it profefièdly fpeaks of the Apocrypha; and build fuch a charge as this, upon an Order where the Apo- cryphal Books are not fo much as named and upon a Rubric, in which the great- eft exatnefs of exprefiìon was neither re- quired nor defigned. It founds veryhard too, when you fay that thefe'Books are read in the room of Holy Scripture , and that fome Canonical Books are omitted, curtailed, mutilated, and the like. Thefe are phrafs that leave a ftrong impreffion upon the minds of the people; and you need not doubt of prejudicing them againff our Service with fuch terms of accufation as thefe. But you muff be fenfible this is not fair, and reafonable : For you know, that there is no obligation to read every Chapter, from Gene /s to the Revelations, in the publick worfhip ofGod ; You know, that fomeChapters, whicharecalled Canonical, are- Y s