Hoadly - BX5136 H6

x2,8 The Keafonablenefs are fuch as may be improper, and unin- telligible ; fuch as are of very little con- cern to the Chriflian People; wrloly out of their reach ; of little advantage, either to the informing their minds in any im- portant matter, or to the railing their de- votion ; You know, that many of thofe Apocryphal Lefons are truly of more ufe, and more to-the edification of the people, than anyof thofechapters which areomit- ted. And why then Ihould this always be fpoken of, as if the people were rob'd of the Word of God, and fabulous Legends were impofed upon them inflead of it, to be the rule of their lives ? And, as for your imagination, that the people are led by this to think thefe Apo- cryphal Books ofequal authoritywith the Canonical Scriptures; how poor an infinu- ation is this ! when the Church hath de- clared, andgives authority to all Min/lers to declare, that they are not. This is a truth you may as effectually convince the people of in the Church of England, as you can do by feparating from it. I mean, if they will hear Reafon ; and if they will not, it is no matter what they believe , or what they disbelieve. But that any one of them was ever led by the