Hoadly - BX5136 H6

4! 130 The Keafonablenefs rent (as indeed they are) were your .Af- fent to be extended to both, it might be given moft readily and fafely. For, can- not I affent that the Egyptians rebelled , and that Mofes, andAaron, rebelled not ? But, Secondly, How can you fubfcribe that there is nothing in our fervice contrary to the word ofGod, when this is ? I anfwer, I. You here take our Englith Tranflation of the Bible to be thewordofGod ; which I think it cannot aiume to it felf any far- ther than with refpefc to the main and fubftantial parts of it. The fame may be faid of all Tranflations. Nay, it Both not appear that anyCopy, either ofthe Old, or New Teflament, preferv'd to us in the 0= riginal languages in which theywere writ- ten, bath been fo much the careofProvi- dence in thofe parts of it which are of no (Treat or general concern, as that we can certainly fay, This is the true reading, and the Copies that differ from this in thefe points, are not tobe regarded. The great ends of Revelation may all be ferved without this miraculous Providence : and, as they may, fo we find they have been. 2. In many fuch places as this, you can- not fay the Hebrew muft neceífarily be interpreted thus and no otherwife 5 when you