Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. you confider how the molt LearnedCom- mentators and Interpreters have differed. And tho' the tranßlation of our Pfalter be granted, in this place, to be more con- formed to the Septuagint, than to theHe- brew, as We now have it; yet, pray, from what did the Septuagint tranflate ? and to what did they conform their tranflation ? Can you certainly demonítrate that our Hebrew Copy is more uncorrupted than theirs in fuch paffages as this ? But, 3. Suppofing you were fully perfuaded that the Hebrew ought to be tranflated here, And they rebelled not again his word; of whom do you under[fa,nd this ? Of Mo- les and Aaron, fay the belt Commentatours, who render it thus. The Septuagint tran- flate it, And they were not obedient untohis word. Ofwhom do they underítand it ? Of Mofes and Aaron ? No, but of the E- gyptians. Now bow, I pray, do thefe two fentences contradi& one another, Mofes and Aaron rebelled not, and, The Egyp- tians rebelled ? If you but look into theSy- nopfis ofCommentatours, youwill find that all who render it the former way, under,. (land it either ofMofes andAaron 9 or of the figns andprodigies: and that all who render it the latter way, underftand it of K 2 the 3