Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY, tion , that whofoever cloth not believe it, fall be condemned at the laß day : which is only the fame thing in other words. Now, when we exprefs our felves thus, We do not mean to condemn thofe who have not plain and certain means ofcom- ing to the knowledge of this but only fuch who have the means of coming to it, and yet, through fome fault in them- felves, refufe to believe it. And you your felves, I doubt not, underffand fuch ge- neral propofitions in Scripture with this refirìecion. You would agent to this pro- pofition, T'Vhofoever believeth not in Chrifi, (hall be condemned; and yet not look upon your felves asfofar call'd tojudge other men, as to conclude all certainly damned for ever who did not believe in him; but fuch as had means and opportunity, and yet did not. Make the fame allowance for this propofition which refers toan excellent ex- plication ofwhat you acknowledge tobe a great andweighty truth, recommended to us in Scripture; and be not unwilling to findout as found a fenfe for this, as youdo for others : which if I thought you could not dowithout renouncing your candourand charity, I would never urge you to it. But though I cannotbut wonder to findyoual- K 3 ways 33