Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Keafonablenefs ways fovery ready to pitch upon the worí interpretationofevery fentence inour Ser- vice; and am fully perfuaded there is no- thing in this but what may be faid with a goodconfcience ; yet,I confefs,Iagreewith you thus tar, that I cannot apprehend how the publicly Service would f offer , were there no fuchdamnatory fentenceever read in it. Nay, I amofopinion that theDo- cîrine of the Trinity would be better fecu- red, and this very account of it better re- ceived, without fuch fentençes, than with them. 6. Ton muff Afent and Confent to this Rubric, that none {hall be admitted to the Holy Communion, until fuch time as he be confirmed, or be ready and deli- sous to be confirmed ; whichyou cannot do; and fo cannot conform as Miners. A great grievance indeed ! that all who are to be admitted to the Communion, {hould be obliged folemnly, before the Bfhop, to own their Baptifmal Covenant ; and to have his Prayers, and the Prayers of the Congregation for them ! Whowould have thought this could ever have been fcru- pled by any ferious Chri ian ? But what cannot weaknefsandprejudice leadmen to If this confirmation be not commonlyma - gec