Hoadly - BX5136 H6

46 The Reafonablene f s rigid than your Fathers, or you, have reprefented them : for fear ( one would think) that the World fhould come at Taft to efteem Miniflerial conformity to the Church ofEnglanda very pardonable thing. If youblameme for being fo free as tode- clare this, I can do nothing but appeal to this Chapter now before me for the proof ofit. And I delireyou wouldconfider whe- ther you give us not a juff occafion of laying this toyour charge in the Cafe now before us. Here is an Oath to be taken : and rather than it íhould not appear Egregious Difmulation (as your words are) to take it, you do indeed put a fenfe upon it which neither thewords, nor de- fign, can admit of. For, to return toyour ObjeFlion, nothingcan beplainer, than that an Obedience to a Governour, reftrain'd in exprefs terms to things lawfrl, can have no relation to any thing but things ac- counted by you to be lawful ; yet here we have it affirmed, that fuch anObedience bath a relation to all the Stated Laws by which the Governour is to aft, though you 'account them unlawful. Nothing can be plainer, than that this Oath fuppo- ies that all his Commands may be unlaw- ful, and leaves you to judge of all as well as r